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Arbor Lodge Daylilies is a small daylily hybridizing operation located near the heart of Portland, Oregon. My goal is to develop elegant daylilies suited for the Pacific Northwest climate and the city garden. Hybridizing is a result of both curiosity and a desire to create plants that perform well in the Pacific Northwest.

I have trialed many daylilies that were selected under much different climate conditions, ie Florida and the Midwest. Some have proven to be excellent plants, adapting to our unique conditions. In others, perfomance here did not match the original region due to lack of heat or humidity in our Mediterranean (summer drought) conditions. Pigment color is also affected by regional differences; a near white bloom in North Carolina could adopt strong lavender tints here. The solution is to cross parents with the most desirable traits and then select the best offspring under our local conditions.

It should be noted that there are primarily two types of hybrid daylilies - tetraploids (with 44 chromosomes) and diploids (with 22 chromosomes). Generally speaking, a tetraploid will only cross to another tetraploid and a diploid to a diploid. The chromosome count is not important to a gardener, but the distinction is critical if you plan to use the plant for breeding purposes.

At Arbor Lodge Daylilies, you will find plants that have proven themselves to be excellent performers in my city garden as well as selections from my own hybridizing program. These all perform beautifully in our climate with a minimum of care.

Phyllis Enriquez